The Brain Injury Association is hosting the “Vertical Challenge for Brain Injury Awareness” on January 27th at Bretton Woods…

The Vertical Challenge is a pledge based event where teams of 4 skiers use their skill, strategy, and smarts to conquer the mountain. Each team makes a minimum pledge of $400 (individuals $100) to participate. There will be letters spread out throughout the mountain which the skier must record. The letters will form an anagram that must be solved. At the end, a winner will be drawn from all the correct anagrams and that team will be deemed "King of the Mountain!"

The Vertical Challenge will raise needed funds to help support our veterans living with a TBI. BIANH provides our veterans with expert navigation of the available services not provided by the VA, a veteran specific support group, and short-term grants. Help us support our Wounded Warriors!

There will be prizes for the Top Fundraising Team and the Top Fundraising Individual.

More info on website:

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