Dear EMARI Patrollers:

My career with the NSP started 40 years ago. Over four decades, I have met, trained, and learned from a large number of talented and dedicated patrollers who have served the skiing public by volunteering their time and expertise to the NSP.  My greatest enjoyment is the camaraderie that I have experienced while working together during educational programs or on the slopes.

For the past six years, I have had the pleasure of serving the members of the National Ski Patrol as a member of the National Board, as well as serving for three years as your National Chair.  During that time, I served on numerous National Boards.   My previous positions also include serving 6 years as the National OEC Program Director, 6 years as the Eastern Division OEC Supervisor, , OEC Administrator, and Senior OEC Advisor. I also previously served for 5 years as the Patrol Director of a large Alpine Patrol within EMARI during which we were awarded the National Large Alpine Patrol Award.  I was the editor of the 5th edition of OEC and am currently serving in that same position on the OEC 6th edition team. 

My life experiences, together with the variety of positions I have held, gives me a unique perspective and understanding that can be beneficial and have a positive impact on the NSP. Some background:

  • Founding Incorporator and Executive Director (43 years) of a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, (same as NSP), that focuses on emergency medical management, disaster response, EMS communications and education.
  • Colonel, U.S. Army NG (Retired, 30 years)
  • Deputy Fire Chief and Paramedic, Sterling, MA (Retired, 34 Years)
  • Service on federal, state, and local emergency medical and Homeland Security committees.
  • Nationally Registered Paramedic, College level Paramedic Instructor and active OEC Instructor, IT and Senior OEC T/E.
  • I am proud as a husband and father that my wife, two daughters, son in law, and two granddaughters are all active members of the NSP.
  • I was voluntarily deployed with a Federal Disaster Medical Team (DMAT) to 911(NYC), Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav among many others and the Haiti earthquake.  I serve as a Paramedic and Safety Officer for the team.

As an NSP elected officer and region, division, and national Board member, I have been provided with a unique insight and appreciation of NSP’s educational programs. If elected to the position of Regional Director, I will:

  • Provide the same commitment to the organization that I gave when leading the National organization.
  • Work to ensure that the Program Directors get the resources and support they need to continue enhancing our educational programs.
  • Work closely with the Division Officers and Program Administrators to ensure we get the support we need to continue to provide our quality educational programs.
  • Promise honesty, sincerity, availability, and open and candid discussions with any member of the EMARI Region at all times.

I would sincerely appreciate your vote. 

Thank you.

Ed McNamara

Edward McNamara, 156 Rowley Hill Rd, Sterling, MA  01564
Cell:  508-612-7704

Patrol Registrations

Join:  yr. 1979 (Volunteer)

National Appointment Number:  yr. 1994

Alpine Senior Patroller

Instructor Positions held

                OEC IT

                OEC Instructor

                CPR Affiliate Faculty

                OET Instructor

                Senior OEC Examiner

Leadership Positions Held

                Wachusett Patrol Director 

                EMARI Region

                                Region Director (92-95)

                                OEC Administrator

                                Senior OEC Chief Examiner

                Eastern Division OEC Supervisor

                National OEC Program Director

                National Board Member

                National Board Chair

                Editor, 5th edition OEC

                Editor 6th Edition OEC


                Hall of Fame                                    2017

                Minnie Dole Award                          2015

                National Service Excellence            2011

                National Outstanding                       2006

                Distinguished Service                      2008

                Meritorious Service                          2004

                Gold Merit Star                                 2005

                Purple Merit Star                              2018, 2001, 1988

                Blue Merit Star                                 2007

                Yellow Merit Star                              2006, 1998, 1988