"I will represent and serve the Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island (EMaRI) region patrollers, young adult patrollers, alumni, mountain hosts, region staff, and mountain management with vision, discipline, energy, and enthusiasm.  To that end I will work for the personal growth, improvement, and reward of everyone that I represent and serve in my responsibility as Region Director.  It would be my honor to have this opportunity and thank you for your support."  John J. Caron


I have always served as a volunteer alpine ski patroller and continue to volunteer at Wachusett Mountain in the EMaRI region and Black Mountain in the New Hampshire Region.  Besides New York, Pennsylvania and all of New England I have skied in Utah, Idaho, Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland.

As one of three EMaRI Assistant Region Directors I have represented EMaRI and voted at seven (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) Eastern Division Spring Officers Meetings in Albany, New York.  I was an active and willing participant in the development of the current EMaRI by-laws in 2004 with its “one member one vote” and term limits.

As an OEC Instructor I have taught at annual refreshers and full courses at Wachusett, Ski Ward, Black Mountain, and Blue Hills.

As an OEC Instructor, SR OEC T/E and Toboggan Instructor I have participated in the annual “on hill” refreshers at Wachusett and Black Mountain.

Over the last twenty years I have participated at Regional Senior OEC evaluations in New Hampshire nine times, Maine four times, Western Mass four times, and Connecticut twice.  I have been involved in the EMaRI Sr OEC program since 1994.

I have been the EMaRI OEC IT for Ski Ward and Yawgoo Valley.  I have overseen and participated in their OEC 2003-2004 refreshers, Ski Ward’s 2003 OEC course, Yawgoo Valley’s 2003 OEC challenge, and 2004 on-hill refresher.  My last assignments were the first EMaRI OEC Enhancement Seminar 2004 and ongoing EMaRI OEC instructor QA.  Lately I have been involved with OEC Instructor Candidate mentoring.

As the instructor of record I have administered three NSP MTR1 courses and one NSP MTR2 course for the EMaRI Region (2007-2010).  I have taught at three NSP MTR courses in New Hampshire.  I currently mentor four NSP MTR candidate instructors in various stages of their personal growth to become an NSP MTR instructor.  I have been the NSP MTR IT for two MTR 1 courses in EMaRI, one MTR 1 course in Maine, one MTR Enhancement course in EMaRI and one MTR Enhancement course in Maine.

I am a BLS CPR and First Aid instructor for the American Heart Association.

In 2003 I successfully completed my 120 hours classroom study to be an EMT-Basic and in 2004 passed both the practical and written Massachusetts State exams the first time.  I continue to maintain a Massachusetts EMT-Basic credential.

For the City of Leominster, Massachusetts Emergency Management since 1994 I have been a volunteer Rescue SCUBA Diver and 1997-2018 an Auxiliary Police Officer.  I currently teach AHA CPR/AED to their volunteers.

Patriots’ Day 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 using my EMT-Basic I have volunteered at the Boston Marathon as a Medical Sweep member and five Boston Marathons as a Medical Sweep Team Leader.

For the Worcester Regional Medical Reserve Corp I volunteer as an AHA CPR and First Aid instructor and have volunteered at yearly Worcester Health Department Flu Clinics.

Before retiring I worked in “high tech” in Massachusetts, Europe and the Middle East for over thirty-seven years and have extensive computer skills, organizational skills and business experience.


Patrol Registrations

Life Member of the National Ski Patrol with over 48 years of service

1971-1973 Pale Face, New York

1974-1976 Hickory Ridge, Pennsylvania

1977-1987 Blue Hills, Massachusetts

1988-present Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

2009-present secondary Black Mountain, New Hampshire

Training and Certificates

1972 Senior EMM (WEC)

1980 Senior S&T

1980 Level I Avalanche Course (Circle A)

1980 Mountain Travel & Rescue 1 (Circle B)

1981 Level II Avalanche Course (Patch)

1991 Instructor Development (Phase I)

1992 Phase II

1992 Global Phase II

1992 Mountain Travel & Rescue 2 (Patch)

2000 Alpine Toboggan Phase II

2002 Skiing Enhancement Seminar

2002 Toboggan Enhancement Seminar

2008 Level I Avalanche Course

2009 Level II Avalanche Course

EMaRI Service

1992-present OEC Instructor

1995-present SR OEC Trainer/Evaluator

2000-present Toboggan Instructor

2003-2010 Assistant Region Director

2003-2006 OEC IT

2005-present MTR Instructor

2009-present MTR Instructor Trainer

2010-present Avalanche and Mountain Travel and Rescue Advisor


1996 Yellow Merit Star

2001 Certificate of Appreciation   

2002 Yellow Merit Star

2010 Eastern Division OEC Instructor Award

2010 Yellow Merit Star