The NSP Alumni is a membership category for Patrollers or Auxiliaries, with a minimum of one year’s service, who no longer wish to continue their Active Status with the National Ski Patrol System, but want to keep informed and stay involved.

Mission Statement
"To utilize the experience, knowledge and energies of those who have retired from active patrolling, while extending to them the recognition, dignity, and awards they have earned.”

The MTR Program enhances the student's ability to travel and work safely and in reasonable comfort in the outdoor environment and to provide assistance and/or leadership in search and rescue situations.

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to travel and work in reasonable comfort and safety in an outdoor environment. Field practice includes basic navigation, travel, and survival, and an introduction to search and rescue.

NSP Level 1 for Rescue Personnel Smugglers Notch VT, POC Mark Renson: 27-29 January 2017 Cost Members $175 Non-members $275

NSP Level 2 for Rescue Personnel Whiteface Mtn. NY, POC Chuck Boyd: 9-12 March 2017 Cost Members TBD Non-members TBD

NSP Level 1 for Rescue Personnel Mt. Washington NH, POC Eric Zaharee: 17-19 March 2017 Cost Members $175 Non-members $275


What is it, Where is it, How do I learn More???

The Regional Certified program has been working hard to train new candidates for the March exam. We currently have four patrollers who are in the program, four that are studying hard to hone their skills so that they can be successful in the program and two who have expressed an interest. This is way up in comparison to the days when there was no local training available. So, what takes so long to prepare? Some of the things that the candidates are required to do are:

  • Learn 8 knots so that you can tie them anytime, even in the dark.
    (this is a prerequisite before you can go onto the Low angle rescue station)
  • Set up a 1:3 low angle rescue in less than 20 minutes.
    (We have one candidate that can do it in 12 minutes)


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