The NSP Alumni is a membership category for Patrollers or Auxiliaries, with a minimum of one year’s service, who no longer wish to continue their Active Status with the National Ski Patrol System, but want to keep informed and stay involved.

The Senior Patroller program is a continuing education initiative that equips Patrollers with advanced skills in emergency management, toboggan handling, and skiing. The Senior program includes Senior Outdoor Emergency Care, Senior Outdoor Emergency Transportation, and requires the candidate to complete additional electives. It also prepares them for leadership roles within the National Ski Patrol.

The goal of the Senior OEC Program is to expand and improve the knowledge and skills of NSP patrollers relating to the handling of complex situations involving decision making, problem management, and leadership.

The Senior OET program is structured into three distinct sections, skiing or boarding skills, Patroller skills, and toboggan skills. In the skiing/boarding skills sections, candidates undergo training and evaluation to demonstrate their proficiency in executing carved short, medium, and long radius turns across varying terrains. The Patroller skills section assesses candidates' abilities in snowplow, sideslip, transitions, equipment carry, and crud skiing. At the toboggan skills station, candidates' skills are tested with loaded toboggans (front and rear) and empty toboggan runs. All clinics and evaluations are conducted on Senior Patroller-rated hills with terrain ranging from more to most difficult.

The Certified program is a prestigious leadership initiative that allows patrollers to master critical skills/knowledge through performance-based learning and testing. Many Certified program members have held significant leadership roles at various patrol levels, demonstrating their commitment to giving back and advancing core patroller skills. Achieving success in this program requires dedication to mastering multiple patrol-related disciplines, often spanning years, regions, and divisions. Participants not only gain exceptional expertise but also foster camaraderie with fellow patrollers beyond their local patrol or region. Preparing for this program offers a unique opportunity to learn, broaden experiences, and sharpen skills through interaction with others.

Certified National Ski Patrol instructors play a vital role in imparting skills to each patroller and serving as the backbone of all education programs. The NSP Instructor Development Program (ID) equips instructors with principles of adult education that are universally applicable. The NSP actively seeks talented instructors to lead programs such as OEC, OET, Avalanche, MTR, Nordic, and Instructor Development, ensuring a continuous cycle of skilled and knowledgeable patrollers.

The Mountain Travel and Rescue Program (MTR) aims to equip ski patrollers with knowledge and skills that enhance ski patrolling effectiveness, foster outdoor leadership capacities, and enable them to take on vital roles in search-and-rescue operations, especially in winter and mountain settings.

The diverse nature of the Nordic/Backcountry program is unique in the National Ski Patrol. The variety of equipment types, the extended patient care knowledge required, the needed backcountry survival skills, all contribute to defining Nordic/Backcountry patrollers.

The Young Adult Patroller (YAP) Program offers a nurturing educational environment for young adults aged 15 to 17 who are keen on ski patrolling. Through the program, they learn essential skills related to snow sports safety, injury prevention, emergency response in outdoor environments, skiing, snowboarding, physical fitness, leadership, and ski patrolling. This initiative aids in their personal development and enriches their lives as they transition from teenagers to responsible young adults.

Important and valuable information about stress awareness for Ski Patrollers and their families.