The Senior Patroller program provides Patrollers with opportunities to enhance their skills in managing emergency scenarios, personal skiing or boarding, and toboggan handling. This comprehensive course is designed to give Patrollers the skis they need to handle more complicated situations and to ready them for leadership positions within the National Ski Patrol (NSP). It is made up of core and elective components that are specific to Alpine and Nordic Patrollers. The program is administered at the Division level and recorded by the NSP.

Getting Started

If you are interested in participating in the Senior Patroller program, you should contact your Patrol Director. The Patrol Director will evaluate your readiness to enter the program and, if you are deemed suitable, will sign your application, which can be downloaded here. Once your application is approved, you will need to decide whether to start with the Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) or Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Module, or to complete both courses concurrently. You can seek guidance on this decision by contacting your Senior OEC and Senior OET advisors, who will explain how the programs are conducted in your Region and guide you through the program. In addition to completing these two programs you will need to complete three Senior Patroller Electives.

While the Senior OEC program can typically be completed in one year, many Patrollers find that it takes two years to complete the OET portion of the program. Your success in the program will depend on your current skill levels and your ability to train within each program. Both programs will provide you with ample opportunities to increase your skills and confidence in your patrolling career, and there is no time limit on how long it may take you to complete the program.

Becoming a Senior Patroller has many benefits. The skills you acquire through the Senior Patroller program will be valuable assets to your patrol and ski area, and will enhance your patrolling career.

For more information visit the Eastern Division site or contact your Senior OEC and Senior OET Advisor.