Nordic Program

What is a Nordic patroller? We’re the folks at the OEC refreshers with the large packs holding everything from saws and shovels to duct tape, tools, bivy sacks and a First Aid equipment than those little fanny packs. During the season, Nordic patrollers also provide skier safety and equipment services at ski touring centers, state parks, and forests, on organized ski tours, at special events and just about anywhere there’s snow.

As do downhill (Alpine) patrollers, Nordics must be certified in outdoor emergency care and CPR and pass a ski and toboggan exam. Our practical training prepares us for situations where definitive medical care may be hours to a day away. For instance, we practice building toboggans with whatever we find on the trail and in our packs and then tow the loaded creation to safety through a variety of terrain. Nordics are trained and prepared to survive if suddenly caught in a snowstorm, to treat a victim for an extended time and prevent further injuries to a skier down in the cold, lost or disoriented.

The Nordic Patroller is primarily a preventive caregiver. Because help is often far away, our basic approach is to prevent emergencies. We cover large tracts of land and our eyes are always open for potential problems. More than Alpine patrollers, we often give ski technique tips and address equipment malfunctions, suggest alternate trails, supply directions or a map, and monitor weather changes. And when things get bad, they can get very bad.

Within the EMARI region, there is one Region-wide Nordic Patrol, EMARI Nordic. Patrollers with EMARI Nordic can be found at ski touring centers, in various state parks and forests and accompanying organized backcountry ski tours throughout New England. Are you an intermediate cross-country skier who likes being outdoors? Think about Nordic patrolling!

For more information on the Nordic Program contact:

Robert Bentley
PH: 508-866-3057