Taking a permanent or semi-permanent break from patrolling while staying connected to NSP through Alumni status.

Mission Statement

"To utilize the experience, knowledge and energies of those who have retired from active patrolling, while extending to them the recognition, dignity, and awards they have earned.”

What is Alumni Status?

An Alumni member is a special registration category for people who, for various reasons, decide to take a break from active patrolling or retire from patrolling. If you were a patroller for at least one year (excluding your candidate year), you can become an alumni member. Circumstances may occur that result in the need for you to pause your continued membership in National Ski Patrol.

It is important to maintain OEC technician status by attending the yearly OEC refresher. Alumni always have the option to go back to patrolling with current OEC status and a patrol representative/ director's approval. If you drop your OEC technician status rejoining will be more difficult.

There are many reasons patrollers may need to pause their membership using alumni status 

Alumni can contribute to the success of alpine ski patrolling in many ways 

Awards available for alumni 

Should the need arise for you to put a hold on your patrolling activities, please contact either your:

How to join?

Questions about joining the NSP Alumni should be directed at the Alumni Advisor, Tina Jarvis.