Regional Certified program is the next step for Patrollers after they have completed the Senior program and acquired the requisite experience needed for the Certified program. So what is expected of Certified candidates? Some of the things that the candidates are required to do are:

The schedule of events is kept on the EMARI calendar. Email the Certified Program Advisor Scott Crofts if you are interested in attending. The locations, times and dates are subject to change.

Steps to join the Certified Program

The process by which a patroller may enter into the Certified Program is as follows.

If you are applying through the National Ski Patrol fill out the NSP Education Program Certified Candidate/Recertification Application.

Complete and submit the following essay questions:

Professional Ski Patrol Association

If you are applying through the reciprocity agreement between the PSPA (Professional Ski Patrol Association) and National Ski Patrol complete the following steps

Send all requirements to Credentials Committee Chairperson

Please Note: The Credentials Committee Chairperson must receive a complete application package at least 30 days in advance of the annual exam.

The Credentials Committee then reviews all applications and recommends or denies entry into the program

Eastern Division Certified Program Chairs

To view the current program chairs visit the Eastern Division Certified Program Chairs page.