Instructor Development

The NSP doesn’t grow patrollers; it builds them.  Each patroller learns his or her skills from a certified NSP instructor.  The Instructor Development program, available only to NSP members, is designed to create quality instructors to support all NSP programs.

The Instructor Development course and associated mentoring is required for all new NSP instructors.  Focused on principles of adult learning, the program strives to:

National Instructor Development Supervisors

David Hemendinger, National Program Director – Yawgoo Valley, Rhode Island

Kathy Alexander, Santiam Pass, Oregon

John Fennell, Ski Cooper, Colorado

Steven Funk, Vicenza, Italy

Douglas Hill, Big Bear, California

Donald Keill, Moose Mountain, Alaska

John Keith, Beaver Mountain, Utah

Adrienne Kirkwood, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

James Miller, Butternut, Massachussetts

Jeff Motley, Lost Trail, Montana

Loretta O’Brien, Homewood, California

Thomas Saxen, Alumni, Tennessee

Bill Sinykin, Diamond Peaks Heli-Ski, Utah

Teresa Stewart, Southern Administrative Patrol, North Carolina

Marie Trasca, Granite Peak, Wisconsin